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We’re much stronger together

even now when we’re apart.

PATHWAYS BRINGS YOU the following schedule of events to heal your heart, awaken your body, and feed your soul. Use this time, this “pause from the ordinary”, to unfold deep, inner-life and nourish community experience. Explore our collection of free, live experiences, created for you—for right now.

FREE workshops led by founder Carole Kammen

  COVID-19 Collection |  FREE 

FREE workshops led by community members

See all our events in one place

Join our community

If you’re enjoying these offerings, please consider a donation to Pathways Institute.

Contact Debbie Rixon at for more details

  Extended schedule for a limited time  

Individual Coaching and Support with 

Founder Carole Kammen

Carole is expanding practice hours to accommodate additional short-term clients. If you’d like help during this tumultuous time, Carole is here for you. Single sessions or short term packages available. Contact her directly for more information or to schedule a session.

Subject Line: Coaching  


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