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Image by Gift Habeshaw

  COVID-19 Collection | FREE!  


Monday thru Friday: 9:00am Pacific (12:00pm Eastern)

DANCE AND MOVEMENT HAVE DEEP ROOTS in humanity to connect with others, shake up energy, rediscover joy, and turn inward toward our essence.

Especially in a time when the world is undergoing a major transformation, there has never been a more important time to come home into our bodies. Using a mix of slow moving pieces to fast paced dance songs, Pathways' mystery scholars will be creating 15-20 minute weekday dance sessions for you to move and create more confidence in yourself. 


ConfiDance! is to help you shift from your current state and deepen through dance and movement. 

Join Pathways Mystery Scholars Loida Dominguez, Laura Henry, Tara Paccillo, Kristi Shahan, or Scott Sidorsky on Pathways Institute Facebook LIVE! 


Get your dance on with us!

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Contact Debbie Rixon at for more details

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