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Welcome to Wisdom Portal. A place to find videos, recordings and other goodies—an ongoing,
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Having a meditation practice

AT PATHWAYS INSTITUTE, we believe a daily meditation practice can change your life. We suggest 10 - to - 20 minutes upon awakening, in silence or with relaxing music. The only wrong way to meditate is to not do it!

We invite you to:



Meditation and movement


ENJOY THIS COLLECTION of focused energy experiences, designed to harmonize mind + body. 

First Chakra: Self Awakening

Shaman’s Prayer — Gabrielle Roth & The Mirrors, Trance

“I have deep roots in this body, I trust what matters to me”

Lay on floor, tighten and release buttocks and sphincter

Second Chakra: Self Esteem

Totem Gabrielle Roth & The Mirrors, Totem

“Creativity is fully alive within, I midwife the rebirth of myself”

Spontaneous movement from belly and hips

Third Chakra: Self Respect

Serenade To Spring — Secret Garden, Songs From A Secret Garden

“I claim my identity as a fully spiritual woman, upright with a clear and evolving sense of self respect”

Upright, moving spontaneously feeling the flexibility and stability in your spine

Fourth Chakra: Self Love

Sigma – Secret Garden, Songs From A Secret Garden

“I am able to love and be loved. I accept the nurturing that radiates from deep within with each and every beat of my heart”

Move as you following your hearts yearning and desire

Fifth Chakra: Self Expression

Tikho Nad Richkoyu – Kitka, Voices On The Eastern Wind 

“My voice has strength and integrity. I am fully able to speak my own truth”

Speak and sound your name, following the spontaneous movements of your body while expressing your sound.

Sixth Chakra: Self Confidence

Wolf Eyes – Paul Winter, Common Ground

“I welcome the insight and vision of my own intuition that guides me and leads me always”

Tighten and loosen your face muscles, grin, open and squeeze eyes, massage your face, pull your earlobes, hake them, use your tongue to scrub mouth, gums, teeth, stretch lips to frown big and smile big. Allow yourself to laugh until you’re belly laughing. Hug yourself. Move expansively all over, stretching and delighting in your energies.

Seventh Chakra: Self -Commitment

Ebben – Paul Schwartz, Aria 2, New Horizon

“Give me the eyes to see and the ears to hear. Teach me and I will learn”

Sit or stand quietly, empty your mind and allow spontaneous movements of your body to move into life with renewed energy.

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