Pathways Institute

Since 1986, dedicated to the exploration of human consciousness leading to personal and professional wisdom, skills, and fulfillment.

The Pathways Institute Mystery School is a life-long learning academy in the human arts. In all cultures throughout the ages, mystery schools appear at times of extraordinary cultural, societal and technological change to help ordinary men and women bridge the resulting chasm between the inner sacred and outer mundane life experience. Like the mystery schools of old, Pathways Institute revives ancient wisdom and practices relevant to today’s challenges.

With over 40,000 graduates world wide, Pathways Institute continues to offer leading-edge public programs. 

Carole Kammen 
Founder and Principal of Pathways Institute

Carole is an accomplished entrepreneur, notable speaker, and highly respected educator who develops and facilitates proprietary programs that enhance and support transformational shifts in both the personal and business sectors.


She has dedicated her life to helping people optimize their passion, ignite creativity, and open hearts and minds toward achieving life goals. A pioneer in bringing depth work into mainstream arenas, Carole’s own learning and discovery include practices from varying forms of meditation; intensive study of world religions; Jungian theory; and world mythology. Her keen interest in the link between esoteric thought, and current personal and organizational development theory has transformed both individuals and organizations globally.