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Get the one-on-one attention you need to create the life you want.


individual coaching

Extended Schedule: Individual Coaching and Support with Founder Carole Kammen

PATHWAYS INSTITUTE IS PRESENTING a unique opportunity to create new results. The practice of personal development leads to a more excellent life vision. Explore your most profound truths and find more fulfillment and success in all you do.

With coaching from Carole (one-to-one or couple’s), you can explore the depths of your psyche OR get the strategies you need to boost your career. 


By combining internal intuition/wisdom with external strategy/focus/commitment/desire — you’ll discover a clear path to get where you want to go. 


Carole has a unique ability to bring esoteric and philosophical wisdom with the latest developments in neuroscience and adult learning. She’s delivered training, workshops, and mentored thousands — coaching individuals, couples, and executives. 

Explore the deepest parts of your psyche, establish practices for growth, create healing, and take the next step in your inner development. Coaching can focus on a wide range of topics, including:

  • Depth Work—Heart, Shadow, and Seer

  • Dream Work

  • Symbolism and Messages from the Psyche

  • Archetype and Energetic Work

  • Healing and Self-Care

  • Exploration of true self and life purpose

  • Connecting to inner wisdom

  • Living in accord with your Soul’s longing and your most profound purpose

  • Living a Heart-Centered life

  • Transcending the limitations of ego consciousness

  • Authentic and Deep relationships

  • Deepening compassion for yourself and others

  • Seeing and transforming at the pattern level—yourself/family/work/tribe

  • Mid-life coaching—living your unlived life

  • Navigating Life Transitions

  • Reaching your highest potential

  • Self-Leadership Skills

  • Transforming Limiting Mindsets



For more information, write Carole directly

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Victor M., MA

“Working with Carole has opened up the floodgates of consciousness and awareness ...


Since joining her coaching program, it has been easier to be intentional about my way of being in the world. My personal relationships, relationship with myself, and career are all thriving. Our calls are engaging, and there’s a lot of depth covered. Each call has something new that surfaces and something new to work with after our insight-filled sessions. Given my increased sense of self-awareness, I can handle challenging situations better and feel like I am seeing long stretches of positive outcomes in many areas of my life. 


A difference I have seen in me is that I better understand how my inner life is a direct reflection of my outer success or problems. Inner life can be abstract. Our calls give me time to practice labeling the inner experience. This within itself is worth the sessions; it is so empowering. Physiologically, I am more in tune with energetics or better said—how to truly understand how to flow or get grounded into my body ... as a result, I have experienced lot of releases from past blockages and I am far more creative than I have been before. Furthermore, I’ve seen how I was operating from a childlike behavior within an adult setting. Thus, I am not truly stepping into adulthood.


The status of my relationships have improved. I can hold the tension within my relationships and feel better able to express my discomforts and can establish clear boundaries. Right now, I am in a place where I can clearly see how I relate to my self-worth.”

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