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  COVID-19 Collection |  FREE  

‘Workshop LIVE’ with Founder Carole Kammen Transformation and Awakening in the time of COVID -19

Fridays, beginning June 12th

June 12 and 26 – July 10 and 24 – and August 7

5:00pm - 6:30pm Pacific  (8:00pm - 9:30pm Eastern)


Attend via ZOOM Meeting ID: 350 805 087
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Calendar entries for complete call-in details.

COVID-19 BROUGHT THE WORLD INTO AN INITIATION in which each of us is participating.


We didn’t consciously decide to step into a vision quest, and yet, here we are, dancing and being danced by the larger forces of transformation.


As we step into this next stage in this process, it’s important for us to continue waking up so we might participate fully and consciously in personal and global change. We cannot do this alone—this is a spiritual imperative as well as a social one.  


This is the time for bridging the inner and outer worlds, to remember we carry the divine in and through us, to feel the ancestors reaching through this long body of transformation, and to live from an open heart.  


The key questions now before us …

    What collective vision do you want to support?

    Can I envision a world transformed?

    Who and what am I in this time of humanity's unfolding?


We’ll meet twice monthly to discuss and explore these questions through a variety of modalities, tools and exercises that include but aren’t limited to: Tools of Divination, Consulting the Ancestors, Dreaming, Vision Questing, HIS, Touching the Archetypal Realms and Ritual.


This is open to all, but best if you can dedicate yourself to attending most if not all sessions so our visioning can begin to weave itself. Each session will include a mix of discussion, non-linear non-logical experiential exploration. Those that wish to deepen in-between classes will be given instructions for continued work in small groups.

Attend via ZOOM Meeting ID: 350 805 087
Go to Calendar entries for complete call-in details.


Contact Debbie Rixon at for more details

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