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Let’s Laugh!


Tuesdays, monthly  5-6:30pm Pacific (8-9:30pm Eastern)

Attend via ZOOM Meeting ID: 871 4393 8023

Go to Calendar entries for complete call-in details.

NOTHING IS MORE FUN than a group of us getting together for a rowdy, irreverent, and joyous evening of laughter, skits, comedy, and fun. We’re dedicating one evening a month to laughter and play.  And … an extra bonus … did you know that laughter and play actually boost our immune system?  Bring your friends to join the fun! Full participation encouraged!.   


Jun 23: Sion and Gordon Harris host Funny Video Clips

To launch our Let's Laugh monthly series, bring your favorite brief (<3 min) funny video clips to share in this evening of hilarity and joy in community!



Jul 21: Priscilla Jayne hosts Team Skits

We will use Breakout Rooms to create fun skits based on short tales, then we'll come back together to share our creative new versions of these stories.  


Aug 18: Cassie Lajeskie hosts Creative Mad Libs

Remember filling in mad libs when you were younger? Now we’re going to create our own! Bring a short piece of writing to work with. (Examples: advice column, wedding / engagement announcement, job posting, new age guidance, trip description, how-to instructions, or search mad lib ideas) 


Sep 15: Tara Paccillo hosts Open Mic Night, Karaoke and Lip Sync 

Grab a cup of coffee and join in for a night of poetry, music playing, singing, lip sync singing (if you can't sing). Whether it's an individual piece or something that really inspires you, bring a poem, song or something you'd like to share.  


Oct 13: Charlotte Payne hosts Best of the Internet

There are so many hilarious memes, videos, karaoke, dancing, and jokes on Facebook and the internet. I'm taking the best I can find and bringing them all together so we can laugh and enjoy the fun. Enjoy the respite from covid-19. Laugh in spite of everything.


Attend via ZOOM Meeting ID: 871 4393 8023

Go to Calendar entries for complete call-in details.

Contact Debbie Rixon at for more details

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