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Collective Coaching: 

Shadow Work



“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life
and you will call it fate.” 
—C.G. Jung

Do you get stuck doing shadow work again and again? 
Are you ready for an epic break through?
Are you ready for the deep dive you can’t do alone?

THIS FALL’S COLLECTIVE COACHING series will focus on The Shadow supporting you in uncovering your shadow content, liberating what keeps you bound and unfulfilled. Shadow work often needs a guide because it’s unconscious. Together, during 8 live on-line sessions held over 16 weeks, we’ll dive to the bottom of our soul, discovering and releasing the treasure inside. Whether you want to work a specific issue, long term goal, or just expand your capacity, this group will empower you to:


• Dismantle a persistent problem, liberating new potential and creative resource.

• Take back your power and creating consistent results in any area of your life; love, body, health, relationship,  finances or career.

• Create and maintain a trusting partnership with your unconscious.

• Move from fear to courage, hope to self-realization.

A small group setting expands possibilities. You’ll gain the value of other’s breakthroughs, insights, vulnerability, and wisdom. Witnessing and being witnessed will help support your deep dive, and group work offers a cost- effective alternative to one on one coaching with Carole.


• Eight two-hour long live video conference calls. Calls will be recorded and available for playback.

• A Private Facebook Group for inspiration, support, and sharing of insights, dreams, art etc.

• Bonus learning materials, resources, inspiration and tips for success.

• A practice partner for grounding, centering and deepening.

• One FREE 50 min. individual coaching session with Carole (for new coaching clients only).

Zoom Calls, held Mondays, 4:30pm—6:30pm Pacific (7:30pm—9:30pm Eastern)


October 7th & 21st
November 4th & 18th
December 2nd & 16th
January 6th & 20th

Contact Debbie Rixon at for more details

Loida D., MA

“When I think about what I’ve received from Pathways, the first word that comes up is Connection.


When I write the word connection I mean it in the deepest sense. Connection to myself, you and life as one. A magical gift that surpasses all understanding yet I understand it now. It’s an understanding that lives in my core and I now allow to live through me because I now know that I am the embodied presence of love not as a concept but as a knowing. The God in me sees the God in you is now literal for me because I do see the reflection of God in everything and everyone. Pathways has provided for me a space to dive deeper into my soul than I could have ever imagined and it has been the gift that keeps on giving because as I open and share my light as Love I give others permission to do the same. Thank you Carole Kammen for being a pillar of devotion. Your love is remarkable and I am forever grateful for you and our community.”


The Soul Speaks: 

Honoring the Divine Feminine

ALWAYS IMAGINED I WAS A GOOD LISTENER. But truthfully, I was better at listening to others than my own heart and soul. Better at recognizing and meeting the needs of others than my own. The journey of coming home to myself began with listening to my own soul, and learning her language. Really listening!

“What is precious inside us does not care to be
known by the mind in ways that diminish its presence.”
—David Whyte

This wasn’t easy because I was listening to other things…to my mind so certain about what I should and ought to do, inner patriarchal values, morals, and beliefs about perfection. What others felt was best for me. Lacking trust in myself, I turned outside for wisdom and direction. I turned to others to set my course and verify my choices.  I also turned to others for the love and affirmation I denied myself...

Then SHE awoke. The Divine Feminine who comes in many forms; the heat of anger, tears of grief, the softness of touch, and the fire pulsating in the longing of my heart. This deeply loving, fully fierce and always free Goddess beckoned me to listen and slowly she became my compass. And with her came the courage to speak my truth, follow my path, and honor my feminine soul.

My body became my ally and partner when I stopped judging and started to love her. I learned to allow emotion to move through me and I began thinking with my heart and listening with my body. And then, I began to love myself as fully as I’d always hoped others would.

Do you long to restore trust and confidence in the wisdom of the feminine?

Do you long to stop living from obligation and start living from freedom and joy?

Then come join a small intimate sisterhood of women in a safe container in which to express feelings, trust our creative impulses, make peace with our bodies, and listen to the language of the soul. Be part of this circle to give and receive deep support, encouragement to speak the truth, hold one another’s hearts sacred, and listen to the Goddess as she speaks through symbols, dreams, art, and the deep intuition in our bodies.

Our journey together will include:

  • Eight two-hour long video conference coaching calls

  • Bonus practices for soul connection, trust, and self-love

  • Access to our small, intimate tribe of women through a private Facebook group

  • A soul sister to walk this journey with you in partnership

To join our waiting list contact Debbie Rixon at

Brandy H., OH

“The most profound part of Women’s Mysteries for me was the body dialogue exercise.


We got still and quiet and listened to what different body parts had to say to us. I found anger and grief from some parts, as well as appreciation and special requests from others. It was the start of changing my relationship with my body; by listening more deeply to what she has to say and speaking to and with her often, I’ve slowly regained her trust and partnered with her for better health, well-being, and overall physical condition! I feel more at home in her than I ever have before, and I find myself feeling more love for myself and more compassion for my perceived physical flaws, especially the ones that are the result of not caring for her well enough earlier in life. I made a new agreement that I am the steward of this divine vessel, and her care is one of my highest priorities! I feel so much more freedom in my body.” 

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