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Pathways Institute, founded in 1986, is dedicated to the exploration of human consciousness leading to your personal, professional and spiritual wisdom, skills and fulfillment.

The Pathways Institute Mystery School is life-long learning academy in the human arts. In all cultures throughout the ages, mystery schools appear at times of extraordinary cultural, societal and technological change to help ordinary men and women bridge the resulting chasm between the inner sacred and outer mundane life experience. Like the mystery schools of old, Pathways Institute revives ancient wisdom and practices relevant to today's challenges.

Pathways Curriculum Overview

Our courses all integrate the 4 Fold Path of Spiritual Transcendence, Awareness in Action, Energetic Opening, and Symbolic Connection. Our graduate workshops utilize a blend of meditation, movement, shadow work, dream, myth, or symbol work, art, music, mindset shifting, and film for a powerful and joyous experiential learning experience.

About The Pathways Core Intensives

Our three Core Intensives are set up to produce fundamental shifts in perspective leading to full dynamic engagement in life.  Set up as experiential learning laboratories, participants transform old patterns, awaken new possibilities and learn skills for living extraordinary lives.  Our three core intensives all build upon each another, creating profound positive change and a solid foundation of new life skills in each person's life.
Personal Mastery Intensive - Breakthrough
PMI is an extraordinary experience of breaking through limiting life patterns and unleashing the potential of the heart and the awakening of consciousness, and a rich authentic experience of being fully alive.

*PMI is a pre-requisite for the Advanced Course and Stand and Deliver unless given special permission.
Advanced Course - Intimacy, Love, and Relationship
Significant change occurs through a shift in “root perspective”. The Advanced Course takes you through a profound transformational process reconnecting you to love, awakening the courage for truthful intimacy, and igniting the experience of “Agape – the love of life”.  You’ll learn how to design and live a life far beyond what most imagine is possible.
Leadership Mastery Intensive
Lasting transformation comes from profound personal experience followed by continued practice and practical application needed to solidify behavior changes.  Leadership Mastery Intensive integrates the work begun in the Personal Mastery Intensive.  During this 3 1/2-month training participants are coached and mentored in aligning every aspect of their lives with a deeper vision and purpose.

Leadership Mastery Intensive participation for PMI graduates and is by application only.  Attendance at an Advanced Course is highly recommended although not required.

About The Pathways Initiations

Mys-ti-cism:  the experience of union or direct communication with the divine.Each initiation is designed to open the pathways to the direct experience of greater or higher truth, power, resource, or connection.  Using a variety of traditional practices such as music, movement, meditation, myth and ceremony each initiation awakens an abiding ability to shift from the ordinary daily awareness to a heightened consciousness with ease. Heart Initiation*
This initiation opens the Heart Center through ritual and ceremony. This awakening creates a new center of consciousness; from polarity to profound unity, from ego to unconditional love, from will into direct access with all archetypal forces available to man. This is the entry into the deep psyche and symbolic worlds.

*The Heart Initiation is a pre-requisite for both the Shadow and Seer Initiations.
Shadow Initiation
The term Shadow was first used by Carl Jung to describe the unseen, repressed, or denied parts of the Self. The integration of Shadow material releases tremendous amounts of energy into the psyche to be used to become and express the full breadth of our human nature and potential.
Seer Initiation
Seer initiates the mystical states of consciousness; giving you direct access to illumination, direct wisdom, non-rational intellect and insight.
Mystery School
Mystery School is a 4-year depth work curriculum bringing the perennial wisdom teachings into today’s world. Year One:  The Ancient Mystery Schools, Year Two: Modern Religion, Year Three: Alchemy, Year Four: Embodiment Of Wisdom.

Mystery School pre-requisites:  Heart, Shadow, and Seer Initiations, and accepted application.

Intensive Experiences

What people are saying about the Intensives:

“I feel grateful and invigorated discovering my "purpose" in life, and the ability to be so open in my relationships."

"Life has not been this exciting in so very long, and it’s NEVER been more meaningful. It is simply incredible!"

"I have a new-found freedom and sense of joy I haven't felt for years."

"Since the workshop I'm opening up and making connections and getting to know people on a much deeper level.”

Initiation Experiences

What people are saying about Initiations:

“To love without fear, is such a gift."

“Things have changed so dramatically for me since Heart.  I am joy-filled as never before, contemplative - born of expanded consciousness.  I'm experiencing an equanimity in life I never knew was possible."  And yes... the outer manifestations of my life are changing to... but for the first time ever they are changing not because of what I am doing, but because of who I am becoming. My God... I am so fortunate that I even get to say these things."

"Thank you Carole... its all your fault.”

“Each day I’m making time to be still and to hear my own heart."