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The Dreams We Have Awake. By community member Scott Sidorsky

It’s a wide topic the discussion of dreams. I remember attending a movie debut about Carl Jung’s life at the Jungian Institute in San Francisco where afterwards, many hands were raised to discuss the movie, which was very good. I loved hearing comments and questions aimed at the director where dreams were referenced. It was wonderful to hear dreams brought into conversation as if they were everyday discussion. Statements like “The dream I imagine Jung had here was about the collective ...”, and “Noticing in my dreams there’s a thread of consistency about …”.

It was fascinating and refreshing for me because I’m used to talking about dreams sitting in consciousness circles and in discussion with fellow Mystery Scholars—but never “out in the open” as if it were regular conversation. I was thrilled.

In this blog post I’d like to discuss my relationship to a specific type of dream work: exploring aspects of Waking Dreams. I’d like to touch upon two that come to mind as examples of ways I’m struck by them.

A Personal Waking Dream: Visionary Impact

I call this a personal dream because I feel its message is specifically for me, because it happened to me alone—though it could also be viewed through the lens of the collective.

While preparing for a garage sale several years ago, rearranging a few boxes in my basement clumsily in the dark, I moved a dolly holding a heavy box attached with a Bunjee cord. Before you know it, I’d kicked the cord at the bottom, nudging metal hook such that it snapped off the box immediately springing up and hitting me in the eye full-force like a bullet.

I cried out. Imagining that I’d lost my eye, I ran out the door and touched my face. My eye was still in there thankfully, but there was blood on my hand—just enough to freak me out. So off to the emergency room I went, driving with caution, as my sight was blurry.

In emergency room I had time to ponder what happened. After calming from the shock I wondered: What is it that I’m not seeing in life, such that I’d get a big tap on the shoulder about my sight? My “sight”.

There were several eye emergencies worse than mine that day, and it took quite a while to get seen. By the time the Doctor was able to check me out, I was fine. My eye was red and awful looking, but I was okay.

What was going on in life that I was blind to back then? I remember this experience as years go by and continue to reflect about what happened. Was I not seeing something? Was I overlooking anything important? To this day I think Yes, decisions I was making about life choices then had a profound impact on how I live my life today. Not necessarily for the better. I reflect and see that everyday I make choices that impact my life. In every moment there is moment for pause. I take that day as a marker in my life, that I’m on notice because I have a propensity to make choices while not looking at the whole picture. This is why I’m grateful for meditation, to make space for myself—but that’s perhaps for another blog post.

A Waking Dream for the Collective: Monumental Transformation

I refer to this dream as a collective dream, although there is certainly Shadow work for me here as a personal dream, no doubt.

Recently as you likely remember, Notre Dame had a great fire. This building many centuries old, (built upon the site of a temple dedicated to Jupiter, even older than that), burst into flame while restoration project was underway. Roof destroyed up in great flames. And a huge spire, more than 300 feet tall, Gothic in design, upturned and fell straight down into the church, in the very center, penetrating, creating a hole and crashing inside.

We thought all was lost.

Though the church was indeed spared, the most sacred items inside protected and fine, the spire was a total loss and the roof would need to be completely redone. New designs are now being proposed for the restoration. A large copper "rooster" which sat atop the spire, reportedly containing bits of Christ’s actual cross was mangled but retrieved, and found to be restorable.

I ponder and reflect. What is this waking dream telling us? So monumental. So impactful. Perhaps the most famous church in the world. Everyone seeing it live. So much gone, so much at risk, so much saved.

The church serves as religious center for many, so for our collective, perhaps the heart (soul?) of Christianity is on notice.

I believe Western culture is on notice.

From this waking dream, I see something is utterly transformed. Is it about how we reach out? The way we have reached upward no longer serves us. The support of how we connect to the Great Father is turned to ash. What was a beautiful effort is no longer true, and a ne