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Are you attached to the familiar?

Why do most people have their peak experiences in life in their early to mid-20s?   Is the possibility really that different at 40 compared to 20?

Carole shares a piece on how attachment creates a false sense of protection.

The belief that everything’s possible, which slowly begins to fade over time, is typically driven away by fear of loss or grief. Although it’s a commonly asked philosophical question, it’s important for you to ask if “the things you own actually own you.”

This is not to say that you should relinquish all your possessions or relationships and go through life without being in touch with reality. That just isn’t what we teach or any type of stable life philosophy unless you’re on a path to a very different type of life.

However, the very concept of stability is locked firmly in a comfort zone. The belief is based almost completely on the idea that we have control of the environment and situations around us. We have influence, impact, and choice—not control.

If you can’t “risk,” aren’t you truly risking everything?

Take a moment to do this quick check-in to examine your relationship with risk


When was the last time that you took a big risk? How did you feel IN THE MOMENT of the risk?  (Be careful not to associate the feeling to the intellectual relationship with that risk—or the circumstances.) What happened as a result of that risk? Was what actually happened the result or impact that you believed would happen leading up to the risk (i.e. was it what you expected)?

Risk plays a role in almost all of our key decisions and relationships. It’s a requirement to connect with your true self and longing.

We’d love to hear your moments of risk in the comments below!

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