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Nancy W., MA

“Pathways has enabled me to be more trusting of the “knowing” I sometimes have, or ways it sometimes seems that other realities are breaking through into my ordinary world, moments that I cannot explain or “understand”—and synchronisities. We are all one! So of course things like that happen when I surrender and open.”


Leigh S., GA

“All pieces of work I’ve done with Pathways have given me a better sense of who and what is in my unconscious. PMI, TSL, Heart, Shadow, Seer, Mystery School, Voice Dialogue, and the Enneagram. They are all orbiting altimeters. All very different sensor tools that have given me an appreciation of the mystery

of Me.”

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Brandy H., OH

“The most profound part of Women’s Mysteries for me was the body dialogue exercise. We got still and quiet and listened to what different body parts had to say to us. I found anger and grief from some parts, as well as appreciation and special requests from others. It was the start of changing my relationship with my body; by listening more deeply to what she has to say and speaking to and with her often, I’ve slowly regained her trust and partnered with her for better health, well-being, and overall physical condition! I feel more at home in her than I ever have before, and I find myself feeling more love for myself and more compassion for my perceived physical flaws, especially the ones that are the result of not caring for her well enough earlier in life. I made a new agreement that I am the steward of this divine vessel, and her care is one of my highest priorities! I feel so much more freedom in my body.” 

Participants words

We’ve received many letters over the years, here are a few we love.


Troy Z., CA

“I’m frightened to think how I would have lived all these years WITHOUT all the practices Pathways has taught me. I would constantly be living in the tendency to sweep things under the carpet and “move on” ignoring my truths and inner voices. I have to shout Hallelujah for just the practice of ALLOWING.

I remember that knowing emptiness comes from knowing fullness and it’s a reminder to be grateful yet again. I’m grateful for so much.”


Scott S., CA

“The gifts I’ve received on my 15-year journey with Pathways are many. I'm grateful to have found such a rich, beautiful, and life-expanding set of experiences. Each “aha!” along the way has stayed with me such that I know it truly in my heart and soul.

One bit of wisdom I’m especially grateful for is the knowledge that joy is always available. At the core of my being I know this to be true. In moments of pain, I find willingness.

I’ve decided to choose joy in life, not as a remedy, but as a gift I’m capable of receiving in moments of clarity.

All my relationships benefit.

And ... I’m doing art again!”


Loida D., MA

“When I think about what I have gotten from Pathways the first word that comes up for me is Connection and when I write connection I mean it in the deepest sense of the word. Connection to myself, you and life as one. A magical gift that surpasses all understanding yet I understand it now. It’s an understanding that lives in my core and I now allow to live through me because I now know that I am the embodied presence of love not as a concept but as a knowing. The God in me sees the God in you is now literal for me because I do see the reflection of God in everything and everyone. Pathways has provided for me a space to dive deeper into my soul than I could have ever imagined and it has been the gift that keeps on giving because as I open and share my light as Love I give others permission to do the same. Thank you Carole Kammen for being a pillar of devotion. Your love is remarkable and I am forever grateful for you and our community.”

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