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Live the qualities of the heart

Spark more joy, more freedom, and deeper relationships. Come to The Heart Conference.



THE HEART CONFERENCE IS A PROFOUND DESERT RETREAT designed to ignite and nurture the opening of the heart center and the corresponding states of compassion, unconditional love, innate harmony, and profound healing. 

This is a transformational experience for men and women of all ages to immerse in collective, sacred practices and rituals. A place to connect with your heart’s intuitive wisdom, guidance, and resource.


Achieve an unshakable state of unconditional love and find
well-being regardless of any event happening around you.

Discover (or rediscover), the Heart Conference!


We are excited to announce this time-honored Pathways event, beloved by all those who attend, on calendar for March 2023. 

We stand for wellness and growth! We believe The Heart Conference is needed again, especially now in times of uncertainty and fatigue. 

We offer this unique, transformational, ten-and-a-half-day desert retreat to explore the Seven Practices of the Heart.



 The 7 Practices of the Heart 

 Embark on this sacred journey. All is possible from love’s fulcrum. 



“After 30 years, I still use the Heart Meditation we learned, and it’s been essential for me. 


The Heart Meditation has helped build an internal structure, allowing me to have one foot in the chaos of life and the other at my Heart Center. It’s a fantastic tool. This capacity has allowed me to weather unfathomable tragedy and loss in life. It’s impossible to imagine ... don’t know what I would have done without it during those times. 

I’m especially grateful for the Heart Conference. I love it not only for the beautiful time I had there but also how it’s continued to resonate positively through my life.”

Leigh M., GA

Vince portrait.jpg

“With a demanding position at a hard-driving company, this experience allowed me time to let go of all that pressure and discover an inner peace I never knew I had.  


While the circle experience was unparalleled, what I loved most was going to the art. There I discovered more authentic self-expression which I carried away with me and applied directly to my professional life.

The Heart Center is a source of creativity I come back to again and again, and it always provides reliable inspiration when I am confronted with a challenge or the unknown. That's golden.

I still see friends I met from my Heart workshop 15 years later.

Vince T., CA


“It's amazing to look back and think of all that I built in life with so much of my heart initiation as a foundation.


All the pieces of wisdom gathered here have combined to be such solid groundwork, part of how I move through life, it's amazing.
I could tell you all the things and it would fill volumes. I loved it.
Through this work, I've been able to reconnect with my parents, not a small thing, and I'm living a life I would never imagine I'd live including skydiving. 

Part of what we studied at our Heart Conference was dream work. What a beautiful thing to have insight into the symbols of dreams. Helps me gain perspective. 

Yaj R., CA


Transmute fear into love.
Discover calm and centeredness amid
chaos and uncertainty.

Come join Heart. Immerse yourself in the richness of life as you experience self-knowledge in an unparalleled way. Forever changed? Perhaps. More you? Certainly!    


Pathways Founder and world-class instructor Carole Kammen brings decades of wisdom— and a big heart—to teach this life-changing body of work.

”I can’t wait to see you in Arizona. Your presence is so welcome and I know your participation—however you show up—is exactly what’s needed. Love unfolds here. Open your heart and discover more capacity, more joy! So beautiful!”

Love, Carole Kammen

Pathways Founder



“Attending the Heart Conference was how I shifted from surviving to thriving in my life.”


It changed how I partner with my husband, raised our four boys, and worked with my clients. It is also how I journeyed from a diagnosis of complex PTSD to post-traumatic growth, a gift that keeps on giving. Carole taught me how to be firm and gentle and that I can love, that I am love. Learning how to meditate and have conversations with God/Source through nature, movement, art, and active imagination has served to center and ground me every day. I am living while I’m alive rather than going through the motions. It was so impactful that, years later, my husband went too. The shared language and practices of the heart that we learned there nourish us and our relationship.” 

Dori K., AZ


”As a working mom, life centered around caring for everybody else.


The Heart conference was the first time I had an extended break to care for myself. My favorite part was the time spent in silence, having space and time to be with myself. My heart initiation gave me a foundation of compassion, and I gained a new sense of balance and well-being. Now I have more care to give the world because I have learned to create balance within.”

Cristina C., MA


“My Heart Conference was a key opening and transforming moment in my Life.


Before I went, a community member asked, “What’s it like living with your life in your face?” Well, I had no idea what I was in for. I asked to burn in the fire of Life, and there was no turning back. At Heart, I came home to my most authentic self. I opened to such beauty and inspiration and was introduced to new tools and ways of being that kept me oriented toward authentic living and changed me for good. The centering, grounding, anchoring power of the Heart Meditation we learned is still a core, indispensable practice for me 23 years later.”

Mikeljon N., NC


More joy. More Freedom. Deeper Relationships.

At the Heart Conference, you can let go of your usual roles in life and allow yourself just to be you, opening to wonder and renewal—with time to breathe. 

Open-heartedness is empowering. When you shift on the inside, the outer world also begins to change. 

Gift yourself this unique and transformative opportunity.

Come join us at the Heart Conference March, 2023!  



Click here for Enrollment Information



“If you carry joy in your heart, you can heal any moment.”  
—Carlos Santana

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