The Heart Conference, March 2 -12, 2023.
El Rancho Robles—Oracle, Arizona


If you're interested, sign up today! Space is limited to 34 people and likely to sell out. We hope you make the choice to
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There are two ways for new participants or returning Heart graduates to enroll


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SPECIAL for Returning Heart Graduates Only: Save an additional $400 when you pay in full. Use Code HEART23 at checkout. 

All monies paid are non-refundable and non-transferable to future workshops. You will be charged in full for tuition and logistics fees regardless of attendance. Includes all meals and lodging based on multiple occupancy.

For more information contact Debbie Rixon
+1 (617) 968 -1080


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“After 30 years, I still use the Heart Meditation we learned, it’s essential for me. 

The Heart Meditation has helped build an internal structure. It’s a fantastic tool. This capacity has allowed me to weather unfathomable tragedy and loss in life. It’s impossible to imagine ... don’t know what I would have done without it during those times. I’m especially grateful for the Heart Conference. It’s continued to resonate positively through my life.”

Leigh S., GA

“With a demanding position at a hard-driving company, this experience allowed me time to let go of all that pressure and discover an inner peace I never knew I had.  

At Heart I discovered more authentic self-expression which I carried away with me and applied directly to my professional life. The Heart Center is a source of creativity I come back to again and again, and it always provides reliable inspiration when I am confronted with a challenge or the unknown. That's golden.

Vince T., CA

“It's amazing to look back and think of all that I built in life with so much of my heart initiation as a foundation.

All the pieces of wisdom gathered here have combined to be such solid groundwork, part of how I move through life, it's amazing.I could tell you all the things and it would fill volumes. I loved it.
Part of what we studied at our Heart Conference was dream work. What a beautiful thing to have insight into the symbols of dreams. Helps me gain perspective. 

Yaj R., CA


The Heart Conference, March 2 -12, 2023.
El Rancho Robles—Oracle, Arizona