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Welcome to The Shadow Conference,
August 25 - September 6, 2024
Oracle, AZ

THE SHADOW CONFERENCE is both exciting and unsettling, so it is important that you prepare for this experience with daily meditation, emphasizing center and the capacity to shift to an impersonal/transpersonal state of consciousness. 


Please read, save, sign, and return ​the important documents below.
Bookmark this page for future reference. 

•​ ​Read the Enrollment Confirmation document carefully. It includes all travel, payment, and other valuable information you'll need. 

​•​ ​You will find an emergency contact phone number for the ranch on the Enrollment Confirmation document, which you are welcome to leave with loved ones.

•​ About four months before the conference begins, an email group will be formed for you to coordinate travel arrangements and shuttle rides from the airport.

•​ ​Please return the signed copies​ of the ​general release and COVID waiver forms to by August 1st, 2024.

• Volunteers are needed for set-up. Please let Debbie know if you're willing to arrive early.

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