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Weekly Topic Discussions

JOIN US AS WE GATHER to share wisdom, thoughts, and ideas. Always informative. Lively, engaging. A great opportunity to meet community members and connect. All are encouraged to participate in the conversations following the speaker. 


5:00pm--6:30pm Pacific (8:00pm --9:30pm Eastern)

Via ZOOM video conferencing, see links below
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April 15th: Staying Grounded and Balanced in Challenging Times, with Kristina Nichols

“Your sacred space is where you can find yourself over and over again.” ― JOSEPH CAMPBELL

To hold the not knowing that is our reality now, can be difficult to manage. Join us as we practice easily accessible tools to stay present, grounded and balanced. This call will focus on breathing and grounding techniques, guided meditations, body awareness, intuitive movement, and intuitive eating.

ATTEND CALL via ZOOM Meeting ID: 372 098 549


April 29th: Experiencing Grace, with Nancy Wilber

As we move through the difficulties of this pandemic, many of us are discovering beautiful and surprising moments of grace. With guided meditation, quotes and video clips, we’ll explore the qualities of grace and it’s relationship to the practices of the heart. Join us as we explore how to notice moments of grace more fully and how we might become greater vessels to pass it on.


As the 19th century Hindu Ramakrishna said, “The winds of grace are always blowing, but you have to raise the sail.”

ATTEND CALL via ZOOM Meeting ID:  964 269 745


May 6th: Intro to Meditation with Tara Paccillo

Are you interested in meditation but not sure where to start? Do you know people who love it or swear by it and you're curious what all the hype is about? Or you've tried it before but aren't currently meditating and are open to giving it another try?

If so, join Tara Paccillo, current Pathways Mystery Scholar, as she guides you through the benefits and basics of meditation. She'll then lead you in a couple of short meditations to help jump start your meditation practice.


All you need to bring is yourself in a comfortable, quiet place to sit!

ATTEND CALL via ZOOM Meeting ID: 977 1149 3061


May 13th: Buddhist Teaching for Connection from Within, with Kevin Coulter

“Chasing after the world brings chaos. Allowing it all to come to me, brings peace.” ZEN GATHA

In these times of self-isolation and spending time apart or alone, it can be difficult to deal with such a drastic change in our day-to-day lives. The practice of Buddhism gives guidance in this time of “Macrocosms of Asceticism” through meditative practices which provide connection from within. Much of the Buddhist practice is to be in stillness and alone to connect to insight, inner wisdom, and teachings.

This call will focus on the practices of listening and accepting all that is surrounding us, and fully embracing feelings, emotions, and experiences as a way to heal, connect with each other, as we work with the stripping away of our Ego.

ATTEND CALL via ZOOM  Meeting ID: 478 065 194


May 20th: Conscious Eating During Isolation

With the shelter at home in place, it’s very easy to overeat or overindulge. Because we have so much time and space on our hands, it’s easy to go on auto-pilot to eat out of boredom, grief or happiness unconsciously. We’re faced with a loss of structure that kept us busy and unconscious to our true feelings. We can, however stay in relationship with our deeper yearnings. It’s really a great opportunity to see what has been hidden. Let’s talk about some core practices to reduce our desires to use food as a source of comfort.

ATTEND CALL via ZOOM Meeting ID: 964 9341 6678

Go to Calendar entries for complete call-in information


May 27th: Building the Temple of your Dreams - Join the Discussion, with Ron Perkes

Our magnificent online Awake and Alive temple is experiencing unprecedented growth. Everyday more of us are coming together in the Awake and Alive community, participating in such activities as group meditations, shadow work, dreamwork, active imagination, dance, intentional practices, and much more.


In this lifetime we may never experience a moment more ripe with potential to transform the collective consciousness. In a time of isolation comes an unprecedented opportunity for connection with each other as we seek healing, a sense of the divine, calm in the midst of chaos, compassion, support, prayers, ways to sit with fear and anxiety, wisdom, and a sense of unfolding opportunity.


What is our vision for what our temple might come to be? Dearly hoping you will come and share your vision in helping us build the temple of your dreams.


In this discussion we will focus on how we set our intention, further our vision, take a guided mediation into the temple of our dreams, and imagine ways we bring heart-centered consciousness to an ever expanding group of temple-goers. 


OUR VOW: We are devoted to the evolution of a wisdom culture in ourselves, our communities and in the world.


OUR CORE VALUES: Generosity - Behaving with the knowledge that we matter, that we are each a manifestation of God and have gifts to share with one another and with the world. Bring the Spark - Ignite, Inspire, Inseminate and Initiate.

ATTEND CALL via ZOOM Meeting ID:  980 0201 1406

Go to Calendar entries for complete call-in information

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