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The Six Archetypes of Leadership


HOW OFTEN DOES A WORKPLACE OR FAMILY CONFLICT (and consequential lack of productivity) arise because of a mismatch between leadership style and situation?

Solutions are at hand! 

Join Pathways Founder Carole Kammen in partnership with Stanford University for this enlightening, useful course.

Leaders and all who strive for excellence must develop advanced skills in both assessing challenges and applying the most appropriate style to overcome conflict. This course will provide a framework to appreciate and access your natural internal resources, and to utilize a range of styles essential for dealing with workplace and other challenges.


We will focus on these six core archetypal leadership roles:

• Visionary • Relater •  Provocateur • Strategist • Coach • Ruler


These archetypes stimulate patterns of thought, feeling, and behavior in yourself and others, much like a software system that comes preloaded on a new computer and runs silently in the background. Each has its own set of strengths and competencies and can bridge the performance gap between what we know and what we put into practice.


With the framework learned in this course, you will be better able to develop an objective awareness of when your preferred style isn’t working, determine which of the other five might be more effective—and adjust accordingly. Class sessions will include case studies, self-assessment tools, interactive exercises, small-group discussion, film, and music. You will leave this course with the tools to diversify your leadership style, and recognize and utilize your team (or family) members greatest strengths.

Space is limited, reserve your online seat today!

8 EVENINGS: Mondays, starting April 5th

TIME: 5:30pm--7:30pm Pacific (8:30pm --10:30pm Eastern)

To find out more or register, click the following to take you to Stanford University website.

Note: There are no required textbooks; however, some fee-based online readings may be assigned.

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