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Join our private group Awake & Alive’ on Facebook. Discover a vital community gathering-place to share and explore ideas that inspire transformation.

  Extended schedule for a limited time  

Individual Coaching & Support with 

Founder Carole Kammen

Carole is expanding practice hours to accommodate additional short-term clients. If you’d like help during this tumultuous time, Carole is here for you. Single sessions or short term packages available. Contact her directly for more information or to schedule a session.

Subject Line: Coaching  


OVER THE YEARS, we’ve taught consciousness work to tens of thousands of people. We know that you can have powerful breakthroughs and learn insights about yourself—AND it requires community and daily practices to sustain lasting transformation.



We created Awake & Alive for you to stay connected, learn from one another, and grow together in living a conscious life. In this free, private group, you will connect to those who have completed work with us and are committed to growing. 




  • Talk vulnerably about what’s going on in your life

  • Explore suggestions about meditation and soul work 

  • Share / ask questions about dreams

  • Be the first to know about other Pathways offerings

  • Request gatherings in person with other Pathways community members—and so much more.


  • A private, supportive community group on Facebook

  • LIVE monthly calls. Listen and participate! First Wednesday of every month from 8-9:30 EST. Can’t make it? Calls are recorded for your convenience. Led by Pathways teachers or other community members with expertise in various professional and personal areas.

  • Extraordinary live and recorded experiences from Pathways founder Carole Kammen

  • Access to long-standing community members 

  • Guided meditations, and the ability to join meditation on Facebook Live, held during some of our retreats!

Questions or comments? Talk to us:

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