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Seer Anchor

Seer Initiation: Awakened Intuition

(or Awakening The Seer)

THE SEER CONFERENCE IS A POWERFUL INITIATORY intuitional opening through the 5th and 6th Chakras in which you’ll awaken to universal wisdom, insight, direct knowledge and unconditional love.


Most of us are deeply acquainted with the personal historical encoded memories that affect how we think and feel, creating habitual patterns of behavior.  At the same time we also all have non-rational, mystical memory encoded systemically through our bodies which we activate through the Throat (5th) and 3rd Eye (6th) chakras.  When activated we have direct insight into the underlying pattern and meaning of any life situation, connection to innate wisdom and a binding connection to our core life purpose.


The Seer Conference is held in deep retreat, allowing the luxury to transcend beyond our life responsibilities into unfolding time and space, union of opposites into wholeness and the experience of our True Self.

September 9th-21st, 2021 

El Rancho Robles, Oracle, Arizona 


For payment plan contact Debbie Rixon at

or call (617) 968-1080

*All monies paid are non-refundable, and non-transferable to future workshops. You will be charged in full for tuition and logistics fees regardless of attendance. Includes all meals, excursions and lodging based on multiple occupancy.

Priscilla J., CA

“Each of these initiations seems to open our other initiations in new ways. 

Growing up, I’d been exposed to various intuitive tools, play, and thinking. But I didn’t know how it feels to use them from heart center, or from a place of connection—to one another, to God, and to all things.

I didn’t know how feeling into the bellows of my voice could open me to the primal bellows of the earth. 


I didn’t know that I innately have access to energies that I don’t produce myself. That if I open myself to God, I can channel some of these energies through the vessel of my body.

I didn’t truly know how groups bring through and carry their own energy, different from any existing energy outside that group.


These were some of the lessons of Seer.”

Denise A., MA

“The biggest lesson-in-symbol for me could have happened in any conference but was part of Seer for me. 

Someone took my naked mask by mistake and I don’t think I’ve ever fought so hard for myself, insisting that I get it back and that it was mine (me!) felt like the fierce maternal lioness inside of me, flexing and roaring and posturing for a fight for myself. And In Gratitude for my fierce loyalty and steadfast warrior, I feel as though my heart showed itself to me in how my mask evolved. Then through that waking dream, I was able to discover both internal wisdom and universal wisdom when I meditated with my mask on. Almost felt like the training wheels for the intuitive access I gained at Seer with my third eye initiation.”

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Mystery School 2022

Mystery School 2022 
Year I: The Ancient Mystery Traditions

THE GOAL OF THE PATHWAYS MYSTERY SCHOOL is the same as all Mystery Schools throughout all ages; to support the spiritual evolution for those called to awaken and to remember that we spiritual beings in human form.  From this our ordinary lives increasingly become love in action. 

The Pathways Mystery School is an initiatory process in which you’ll open your heart and mind to the wisdom teachings and personal, meditative, and intuitive skills for direct access to spiritual wisdom and power, and to live fully with devotion and unconditional love. The curriculum deepens blends personal development with conceptual study, increasing your energetic, intuitive and healing abilities. Workshop modules are highly experiential and home modules include a mix of modalities, which may include: journaling, authentic movement, peer coaching, exercises, reading, service projects, voice mastery, or other assignments.


Year One:  The Ancient Mystery Traditions

This year builds upon the Heart, Shadow, and Seer initiations while immersing you in the exploration of the ancient mystery schools and the wisdom teachings that are much-needed in today’s world.  


  • Module One:  The Opening 

  • Module Two:  The Archetypal Realms

  • Module Three:  Collective Energetics

  • Module Four:  Source Being


Year Two:  The World’s Religions as Love

  • Module One:  Love and Emotion

  • Module Two:  Joy and Ecstasy

  • Module Three:  Ritual and Religion


Year Three:  Alchemy and Transformation


  • Module One:  Creating Container

  • Module Two:  Prima Materia

  • Module Three:  Being The Alchemist


Year Four:  Living Mystery

  • Module One - Body As Temple

  • Module Two - Passion And Purpose

  • Module Three - Embodying The Sacred

”Throughout the ages the Mysteries have stood at the threshold of reality -- that hypothetical spot between numen and phenomenon, the substance and the shadow. The gates of the Mysteries stand ever ajar, and those who will may pass through into the spacious domicile of spirit.

The mystery schools which could be found throughout history and in varying cultures, all prepared men and women to receive enlightenment by helping them to reawaken their latent intuitive powers.  As part of their training, initiates learned techniques and rituals for heightening consciousness leading to a direct, intuitive access to spiritual wisdom and power.”

– Manly Hall

*All money paid is non-refundable and non-transferable. Includes all meals, excursions and lodging based on multiple occupancy.

To find out more, contact Debbie Rixon at

or call (617) 968-1080

Mystery Studies

Mystery School Year IV: Living Mystery 


THE PATHWAYS MYSTERY SCHOOL is a four-year curriculum for those ready to undertake an initiatory path of spiritual awakening. This journey responds to the highest call to consciousness—to enter life fully with devotion and unconditional love.

Our studies draw from both current and ancient traditions, empowering us to live ordinary lives in extraordinary ways. The curriculum blends personal exploration with conceptual study, increasing your energetic, intuitive and healing abilities. Workshop modules are highly experiential. Home modules include a mix of modalities, which may include: journaling, authentic movement, peer coaching, exercises, reading, service projects, voice mastery, or other assignments.

Year Four is a magnificent year, bringing all you’ve experienced into living embodiment. 

MSY3 Final Module: *October 31- November 7th, 2021* Easton Mountain, Greenwich, NY 

Module One | Body As Temple: *February 14th - 21st, 2022*  El Rancho Robles, Oracle, AZ


Module Two | Passion And Purpose: *July 18th - 25th, 2022* Easton Mountain, Greenwich, NY

 Module Three | Embodiment of The Sacred:  TBD 

*These are tentative dates and locations that may change due to Covid-19 concerns and restrictions


Financial Information

 Year 4 prices are based on three tiers. To support you in these studies we’ve been able to keep tuition prices the same! Any increase in logistic fees reflect actual increases in hard costs. Travel is excluded.


Tier Three: 17 to 18 Participants  Total Cost $8490 (Tuition $3750 plus Logistics Fee $4740)   

Tier Two: 14 to 16 Participants  Total Cost $9300 (Tuition $4375 plus logistics Fee $4925)

Tier One: 12 to 13 Participants  Total Cost $11,095 (Tuition $4995 plus logistics Fee $6100)


Payment Plan Option (Contact Debbie Rixon, see below)

Tier Three: 14 Monthly Payments of $642

Tier Two: 14 Monthly Payments of $699

Tier One: 14 Monthly Payments of $827.50

Monthly invoices are to be paid within 3 working days. Failure to do so will result in a $65.00 service charge. All monies paid are non- transferable and non- refundable. Once enrolled you are responsible in full for tuition and logistics regardless of attendance at all three modules.

To find out more, contact Debbie Rixon at
or call (617) 968-1080



MYSTERY SCHOOL GRADUATE STUDIES is for MS Year Six graduates wanting to continue working with a highly skilled group in the field of depth psychology and the mystical arts.

As a MS Year Six graduate the hard work of “learning how to learn” is behind you! You’re able to hold a container and open the portal, delve into shadow material, channel archetypal energies, lead ritual, and act in service to the greater collective. And, you know the vast potential a tribe creates for individual and collective discovery. From this solid foundation we’re looking forward to beginning work we haven’t yet imagined.

Graduate Studies will be less intensive than the first four years. Structured spaciously over a three year time period, each year has three modules. Supporting structures such as buddies, study groups or dream groups will be offered but not required. At the conclusion of each year you’ll choose whether to continue your study. 

The MS Graduate Studies Year Six Summary

*revised dates 

Module One, St. Dorothy's Rest, Occidental, CA: Monday, February 24th to Monday, March 2nd, 2020. Session starts with dinner on the 24th and ends with brunch on the 2nd, followed by teardown.

Module Two, El Rancho Robles, Oracle, AZ *Monday, January 3rd- 10th, 2022* Session starts with dinner on the 3rd and ends with brunch on the 10th, followed by teardown.

Module Three, El Rancho Robles, Oracle, AZ: *Monday, June 20th -27th, 2022* Session starts with dinner on the 20th and ends with brunch on the 27th, followed by teardown.

*These dates and locations are tentative and could change due to Covid-19 concerns and restrictions.

Curriculum Highlights

Our curriculum takes us to the threshold between numen and phenomenon, allowing us further develops our personal and spiritual wisdom, love, and power. Modalities of exploration will include dream work, meditation, Jungian themes in film, art, movement, dance and ritual.

Curriculum will be strongly influenced by those attending.


Possible areas of focus may be:

  • The Secret Science Behind Miracles

  • The Body As Shadow

  • Making Magic: The Core Of All Esoteric Teachings

  • The Stones Of The Seven Rays

  • Lunar and Solar – Healing the Inner Feminine, Redeeming the Inner Masculine

  • Honoring Hermes: The Playground Of Creativity and Change

  • Our Soul’s Vow: Choosing The Narratives We Live By

  • Furthering Initiation and Rites Of Passage

  • Psychology And The Occult

  • Union and Transcendence

  • Impossible Realities Becoming Possible


To find out more, contact Debbie Rixon at

or call (617) 968-1080 

Mystery School Year VI:

”The Goal of the Great Work is Transformation” 

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