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Intensive Experiences

What people are saying about the Intensives:

“I feel grateful and invigorated discovering my "purpose" in life, and the ability to be so open in my relationships."

"Life has not been this exciting in so very long, and it’s NEVER been more meaningful. It is simply incredible!"

"I have a new-found freedom and sense of joy I haven't felt for years."

"Since the workshop I'm opening up and making connections and getting to know people on a much deeper level.”

Initiation Experiences

What people are saying about Initiations:

“To love without fear, is such a gift."

“Things have changed so dramatically for me since Heart.  I am joy-filled as never before, contemplative - born of expanded consciousness.  I'm experiencing an equanimity in life I never knew was possible."  And yes... the outer manifestations of my life are changing to... but for the first time ever they are changing not because of what I am doing, but because of who I am becoming. My God... I am so fortunate that I even get to say these things."

"Thank you Carole... its all your fault.”

“Each day I’m making time to be still and to hear my own heart."